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The Skills To Develop In Pickup and Seduction

March 27, 2010

In dating, physical appearance and intelligence is not the ultimate asset of men. If you notice, when you were in school, hot girls don’t date those intelligent guys. You will see them going out with the bullies, athletes, the naughty ones, but not with the genius guys. Take note that we are using the word, “intelligent” here instead of “smart”. There’s a heck of a difference between the two and I am not going to delve deeper into differentiating them.

Moving on, these intelligent guys may seem to be the ideal type for most women. Yet, the hot ladies end up going out with the “skilled” ones. I’m referring to guys who have skills when it comes to women. Mystery the pickup artist doesn’t look like any woman’s ideal man. But he founded the mystery method which is very effective in pickup and seduction. Now see how successful he is when it comes to dating women.

Most of these intelligent men lack is social skill. Some guys may have all the qualities – smart, good looking, clean and tidy – but if they lack the skills, those qualities will be useless in dating. Doesn’t David DeAngelo look exactly what I have described? But David D. has already gone past that stage and is now a dating expert. We may live in a modern society but old practices don’t die – men are still expected to do the first move. That is why social skill is a very important factor in pickup.

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The Mystery Method Discussed

March 22, 2010

The Mystery Method is one of the most popular dating techniques today. It is developed by none other than Mystery. His book, “The Mystery Method: How to Get Beautiful Women into Bed” was written in 2007. Since then, it has become very popular that every man interested in pickup is using the technique.

The mystery method is not just a simple dating technique. It is composed of several phases: Attraction, Comfort, and Seduction. Each of these phases are divided into 3 parts:


Attracting the HB or female-to-male interest
Male-to-female interest


Building rapport
Building emotional connection and physical connection



Each of these parts are divided into different approaches. Looks complicated? The mystery method is not that difficult as you think. But you have to be serious and eager to learn and succeed in it.

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How To Look Good To Attract Women

March 16, 2010

Men get easily attracted to beautiful and sexy women. But it doesn’t work that way for them. They get more attracted to your personality rather than your face and figure (though it would be an added bonus for them if you look good). Take a look at David DeAngelo. He doesn’t look like a pickup artist but he’s an expert in dating.

Although the truth is, appearance of men also matters for women in a somehow different way. If the first thing you check on a woman is her face or breasts, women would check on little but important details like your tidiness. It would be a total turn-off if they see that your fingernails are dirty. Women check out our looks in a different way.

Usually, being cocky & funny isn’t enough in attracting women. If you think you have succeeded on attracting a woman by that technique of David DeAngelo, do not be too confident yet. Once she sees your dirty shoes or even your lousy attire, she would easily get turned-off.

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Overcome Shyness When Approaching Women

March 9, 2010

Shyness is one of men’s greatest weaknesses when it comes to women. Well, maybe except for David DeAngelo or other pickup artists who are already experts in dating with women. This is the reason why some men find it hard to approach a woman.

There is actually a reason towards this attitude of men. First, we are afraid of rejection. What comes into our mind if we get rejected is the shame. Second, we are afraid of how the girl will react. “Will she ignore me?,” or “She might just laugh at me” is what we usually expect. Third, we are afraid that we might say the wrong thing to her. There could be other possible reasons aside from these three but one thing common is that they’re all negative thinking.

All of these shyness problems root our negative thinking. When we plan to approach a We woman, we think of countless negative possibilities. That is why we get nervous, hesitant to approach them, and most often, we backout.

Have you thought how Mystery and other pickup artists have an oozing self confidence? Truth is, most of these pickup artists and dating experts doesn’t know how to approach women as well. They just learned how to overcome shyness and gain self-confidence.

So for us, we should not just accept the fact that we cannot date any woman because we are naturally shy. No, we are shy because we think it that way. If David DeAngelo have learned to overcome shyness, so can we.

Here are 4 simple tips on how to overcome your shyness:

1. Think positively. We’ve already identified the root of our shyness towards girls and that is negative thinking. So we must not entertain these negative thoughts.

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Pickup Artists Are Not Born Experts

March 3, 2010

A very common problem for men is their failure at women. Men dream of going out with the woman they love, like, admire, or just simply with a beautiful lady they want to meet. If you happen to be familiar with the seduction community, you may envy the dating experts David DeAngelo, Mystery, Julian Foxx, or Neil Strauss for their skills in attracting women. Well, envy no more because most of these pickup artists were also one of us who couldn’t get a woman to date with. In short, they were not born to be experts in women like us.

Let’s talk about Neil Strauss a.k.a. Style. He authored the New York Times Bestseller, “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick-up Artists.” The book tells about his experience in entering the pickup artist community.

The book maybe about pickup but Neil Strauss was not born a pickup artist nor an expert in dating. Although he is now considered to be a famous pickup artist, Neil Strauss is actually an American author – a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and he also writes for The New York Times.

Just like David DeAngelo, Neil Strauss was also one of the guys who couldn’t get any girls to date with. So when he came across the seduction community, he started to join online discussion groups. As he got more involved, Neil Strauss attended Mystery’s bootcamp. The bootcamp is what helped Style become a pickup artist. He learned different advice and techniques on how to approach a woman, how to respond in certain situations, and most especially how to be a real pickup artist.

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Dating Tips For Men: Learning The Art of Pickup

February 26, 2010

If you have seen the vh1 show, The Pickup Artist, you will have an idea about what pickup is all about. The reality show is composed of male contestants who have been unsuccessful when it comes to dating with women. On the show, they were taught by Mystery and his guys about the art of pickup.

Off-screen, pickup is a bit different. There may be competition among men, but they are not on a contest. Men who are involved in pickup are mostly pickup artists. They are already skilled in dating with women. Some of them were also unsuccessful with girls but managed to learn how to pickup women and became an expert on it.

The pickup artist community is not only for skilled men. Those who were unsuccessful with girls are already joining the community by trying to improve themselves. Pickup is not just about using the cocky and funny technique by David DeAngelo, the mystery method, or any techniques thereof. Sure you can use them but there are a lot of things that you should know and master before you can pickup girls easily. You don’t have to join the reality tv show, The Pickup Artist, just to learn the art of pickup. Today, there are a lot of ways on how to do it:

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How Pickup Artists Became Experts in Dating

February 22, 2010

With the advent of technology, many have become a couch potato at an early age which is one of the reasons why they become shy and are not active with their social life. There are a lot of men who are lousy with girls especially those who we call, nerds. Women don’t even notice them around because they seem to have their own world.

When the pickup artist or the seduction community was born in the early nineties, these “nerds” or just the shy ones have been given the chance to be an expert when it comes to girls. A lot of these men has been unbelievably transformed into a chic magnet. David DeAngelo himself claims that he failed on girls as well before he learned about the art of pickup.

When Vh1 launched The Pickup Artist show with Mystery, the community has been more popularized and more men became involved. Today, men whom girls thought were lousy, nerd, weird, and some they haven’t even recognized, have now evolved into some girls’ magnet. At first, I thought it was exaggerated. I know that people can develop their confidence, but to turn some nerd or weirdo into a chic magnet is another story. But when I started to search for more information about it, I have seen how it could all be possible. I have also read some reviews about the Double Your Dating ebook by David DeAngelo and I guess that must really be a good read. Though I’d prefer attending bootcamps or seminars rather than reading an e-book.

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