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Four Reasons Why Pickup Lines Fail

May 15, 2010

Maybe the most popular dating technique that the VH1 show, The Pickup Artist, has spread amongst men is the use of pickup lines. Even women have become familiar of it. I am not certain about the origin of this technique but I guess it has long existed even before David DeAngelo started to join the dating scene.

Today though, pickup lines don’t work the way it worked years ago. Here are the reasons why:

1. Because of its popularity and over exposure, women are familiar of this technique already. They could already tell when you are trying to pick them up with those lines. Thanks to Mystery and his show, The Pickup Artist.

2. Pickup lines today are mostly used by the young ones. It is regarded as a bit of an amateur dating technique. If you are 25 years of age and above and you use this technique, women might just laugh at you because most probably they have already heard your line before.

3. Pickup lines are like scripts. The thing though is, you are not an actor who is trying to shoot a movie. If you just rely on your script or your pickup lines, how will you be able to create a good conversation with women? You will never know what will happen so you cannot really create the most appropriate pickup line.

4. In dating, you should know how to keep the conversation going and interesting – and it cannot be found in your script. If you had a list of topics to talk with women, you don’t have to rub them all in during your conversation. Let them serve as your guide when you run out of topic. The important thing is that you should keep the flow of the conversation as smooth as it can be.

Today, a lot of dating techniques has been developed by dating gurus and pickup artists. The mystery method, for example, has been developed by Mystery the pickup artist. You can actually learn a whole lot of ideas and develop your own natural dating skills from pickup artists if you attend their trainings and bootcamps.

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