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Top Reasons Why You Should Not Date Online

May 8, 2010

Online dating is very common today. There could be millions of people who are involved in it but definitely not David DeAngelo or any other pickup artists. Some have been successful and ended up marrying each other.

I am not entirely against online dating. This article is not to discourage you but to make you realize why you should go out dating instead of doing it in front of your computer.

1. With the millions of people joining in online dating, it gives you lesser chances of being chosen by the women you send emails or messages to.

2. There is no assurance that you are indeed talking to a hot and beautiful woman. There are a lot of posers that have spread in the internet.

3. Your safety is at stake if you give out too much information on the internet. As mentioned above, there are a lot of posers nowadays and you can never tell what their true intentions are.

4. The chance of meeting your online date is very weak – unless you put much dedication to it especially if you are miles or oceans apart.

5. You will no longer have social life if you dedicate too much of your time in front of your computer – unless you consider having social life with facebook, twitter, and the likes. Since you really have to invest much time in online dating if you want to succeed in it, then your chances of spending your time outdoors is very low.

6. Did you know that one of the main reasons why there is a large percentage of obesity in the US alone is the internet? So if you don’t want to double your size, start engaging in outdoor activities to get your body moving and burn some fats. If you don’t want to burn your fats then at least don’t collect them in your body.

7. I guess the most important reason why you should go out is because you will never develop your dating skills in front of your computer. Even if you have good conversational skills online, it is no guarantee that you are as good in face-to-face conversation.

Shyness, inexperienced, or unskilled is not a reason why you should stick to online dating. You can never learn and master the mystery method or any dating techniques if you never try them. Neil Strauss was not a pickup artist. He is a known author, journalist and ghostwriter. He is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and a regular writer for The New York Times. Then he “penetrated” the pickup artist community and became a known Pickup Artist.

So there is no reason why you should not go out and meet women. Start now and develop your skills and be one of the experts in dating.

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