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Four Reasons Why Pickup Lines Fail

May 15, 2010

Maybe the most popular dating technique that the VH1 show, The Pickup Artist, has spread amongst men is the use of pickup lines. Even women have become familiar of it. I am not certain about the origin of this technique but I guess it has long existed even before David DeAngelo started to join the dating scene.

Today though, pickup lines don’t work the way it worked years ago. Here are the reasons why:

1. Because of its popularity and over exposure, women are familiar of this technique already. They could already tell when you are trying to pick them up with those lines. Thanks to Mystery and his show, The Pickup Artist.

2. Pickup lines today are mostly used by the young ones. It is regarded as a bit of an amateur dating technique. If you are 25 years of age and above and you use this technique, women might just laugh at you because most probably they have already heard your line before.

3. Pickup lines are like scripts. The thing though is, you are not an actor who is trying to shoot a movie. If you just rely on your script or your pickup lines, how will you be able to create a good conversation with women? You will never know what will happen so you cannot really create the most appropriate pickup line.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Not Date Online

May 8, 2010

Online dating is very common today. There could be millions of people who are involved in it but definitely not David DeAngelo or any other pickup artists. Some have been successful and ended up marrying each other.

I am not entirely against online dating. This article is not to discourage you but to make you realize why you should go out dating instead of doing it in front of your computer.

1. With the millions of people joining in online dating, it gives you lesser chances of being chosen by the women you send emails or messages to.

2. There is no assurance that you are indeed talking to a hot and beautiful woman. There are a lot of posers that have spread in the internet.

3. Your safety is at stake if you give out too much information on the internet. As mentioned above, there are a lot of posers nowadays and you can never tell what their true intentions are.

4. The chance of meeting your online date is very weak – unless you put much dedication to it especially if you are miles or oceans apart.

5. You will no longer have social life if you dedicate too much of your time in front of your computer – unless you consider having social life with facebook, twitter, and the likes. Since you really have to invest much time in online dating if you want to succeed in it, then your chances of spending your time outdoors is very low.

6. Did you know that one of the main reasons why there is a large percentage of obesity in the US alone is the internet? So if you don’t want to double your size, start engaging in outdoor activities to get your body moving and burn some fats. If you don’t want to burn your fats then at least don’t collect them in your body.

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How to Find a Date

April 30, 2010

There are a lot of ways on how to find a date. The most effective is in a social gathering where there are many women. You may have seen Neil Strauss and other pickup artists doing their stunts at nightclubs. But for those who are not too skilled in dating, it could really be hard to approach women in such occasions. Well, as I’ve said, there are a lot of ways…

Perhaps you have heard of speed dating. It is called speed dating because you get to date 20-30 dates in just an hour. Wow, honestly I cannot imagine dating 20 women in just an hour. But in speed dating, it is possible. Sounds interesting huh?

Speed dating is not your ordinary idea of dating. It is not the kind of dating that David DeAngelo would recommend, I suppose. It is actually a service offered by some companies. Basically, a number of women are grouped together and each of them has cards that represent the men. On the other hand, men are assigned a place and they also have the numbers that represent the women.

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Signs That She is Flirting With You

April 27, 2010

If you are a pickup artist, you will not have a hard time looking for dates. In fact, women will be the ones looking for you. But what if you are not a pickup artist? What if you are no way near the dating skills of David DeAngelo? Do you think women will ever be interested in you? Will you ever get a date?

The answer to the above questions is yes. If you are going out, attending a party or any social gathering, you cannot avoid to mingle with other people unless you really intend to. These social gatherings are a good opportunity to meet women and find a date. If you have no idea what the mystery method is, no need to worry because you can find a date without it. Just make sure that you look good enough and wear enough self-confidence. Mingle with people and spot for girls who shows some sign that they are flirting with you or that they like you.

How they do that? Here are some signs:

1. She winks at you at a distance or even while talking to you.

2. She is playing with her hair while looking at you.

3. She bites her lips, shows her tongue, or licks her lips.

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Dating Tips For Men: How to Impress a Woman

April 19, 2010

One particular thing that is common amongst men is their effort to impress a woman. You would often hear women complain about how their boyfriends or their husbands have changed over time. It is because men tend to impress them on their first meeting, on their first date, or during the early stage of their relationship. Unlike Neil Strauss or any other pickup artists, average men try to “behave” during this stage because they want to attract a woman by creating a good impression to them.

In meeting women, or even just trying to catch their attention, men would do unusual things, be very generous, extra kind and sweet, etc. just to impress them: They would only say things that they think would impress her; they tend to get formal during a conversation, and; they avoid teasing her or do anything that they think would upset her.

These things actually make you become unnatural. Sometimes, in trying to avoid screwing things up on your first meeting, being unnatural can, in fact, screw it all up. We cannot really avoid it most of the times because we want to attract women. But haven’t you wondered why it does not usually work? Women may be impressed but they don’t get attracted to you.

You may have learned about the mystery method and other dating techniques from pickup artists. But the best way to impress a woman is by being natural. Forget about trying to impress her. Make her feel emotionally attracted to you. Do not memorize any scripts or pickup lines. Relax, be confident, and enjoy her company.

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3 Things Men Need To Develop To Attract Women

April 14, 2010

It is no secret that majority of men (if not all) gets nervous when asking a woman out for a date. Approaching women even scares the hell out of most of us. Honestly, one of the reasons behind this is our fear of rejection. It would be such a shame if we get rejected. But rejection is something that we cannot avoid. Even David DeAngelo, an expert in dating, cannot avoid rejection.

Not all of us may want to be a pickup artist or use any of their techniques like the mystery method, but let’s admit it, these pickup artists have the skills that most of us wishes to have.

If you don’t want to be a pickup artist but you want to learn how to attract women, consider these three tips:

Confidence – Develop your self-confidence, it will be your best asset. Women get more attracted to confident men that those who are not. But don’t be over-confident as it may destroy you. Nobody likes an arrogant being. The best thing to do is to stay calm and relax to avoid nervousness. If she feels that you are nervous, she will think that you lack confidence and that will not attract her.

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How To Flirt With Women

April 5, 2010

mystery methodIt looks very easy for women to flirt with men. Maybe because men are easy to please and tempt. They can use their beauty and some “assets” to easily seduce men. Most of the time, they can naturally be flirts even if they don’t mean to. While for men, even approaching women gives us an adrenaline rush.

If that is the case, dating can be harder compared to women. So men should learn how to flirt, too. Its not like showing some skin like women do. They can’t be seduced in that way. The mystery method and other dating techniques might do but a little flirting will be easier and more fun. You do not have to follow the footsteps of David DeAngelo or “Penetrate the Secret Society of the Pickup Artists” like what Neil Strauss did.

Every man is capable of flirting in their own way. Sometimes, if they like a woman, they’d be a little show-off or they would act in an unusual way – either a bit shier or more hyped. But doing it the right way can be useful in winning her.

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